Natural stones

We are constantly expanding our range of stone and granite products. Our experience guarantees high quality of both large projects and small orders. We guarantee to deliver the agreed dates and high quality services upon deadlines. We strongly do care about our customers’ satisfaction. Your feedback will ensure that we continue to improve and evolve with the needs.

Stone products — elegance and luxury at your home. Natural materials in the home improvement isn`t only the durability and eco–friendliness, it is also a refined interior and a guaranteed feeling of comfort. Products from natural stone positively affect on the microclimate of the houses.​

Offers you a wide range of products from granite and marble:

  • stairs and railing,

  • tiles

  • pillars

  • fountains

  • balusters, balustrades

  • window sills

  • plinth made of granite

  • balusters

  • B-B-Q

  • steps of granite

  • countertops.

Of course, in nature there are many minerals that can be used in construction and decoration, but the prices are too high for most customers. Because the manufacturers make the emphasis on the combination of quality products and affordable prices and choose the relevant material.

Only experienced person who truly loves his job, can know how will behave the material during operation, and how it will look in daylight, or artificial light. These people work in OSTBAU work.