Professional care of natural stone

Products made of natural stone require careful and timely care. Natural stone can be supported by the regular treatment of its surface with special polymers. Our company offers you high quality care of any natural stone products. Our treatment will help to make the surface of granite and marble bright, rich and mirror-clean.

Professional restoration of granite, marble

Programs for the restoration of the appearance of products made of stone or stone floors are offered by our stone-processing enterprise. Also, if your product has chipped - we know how and how to glue stone parts; if there are cracks or chips - we are ready to heal caverns and fill the seams;

if there is a need to reinforce the product or plate with a grid, a cutting strip - we will come to the rescue.

When carrying out the restoration of the stone, our specialists competently approach each procedure. Take into account all the features of stone and the behavior of the restoring means

Polishing of natural stone

This procedure is a time-consuming process, which should be carried out by a highly skilled craftsman. Specialists of our company have high qualification in similar works, possess the necessary equipment, specialized chemical compounds, tools, which together allow achieving ideal results.

If you are interested in this service, our specialists will conduct an expert evaluation and calculate the cost of services individually, taking into account all your wishes and ordering features.

Gloss restoration

Brilliant and smooth as a mirror, the surface of the stone is always beckoning and attracts the eye. Everybody wants the stone to shine, but it happens that by its nature it can not shine, therefore, the services for restoration of brilliance are in great demand.

Address to us, we will tell in detail, by what means it is necessary to process your product for giving the ideal shine.

Crystallization of stone

Crystallization is carried out on marble products, this process is more popular in the care of marble floors.