Swimming pools

Blue water in a crystal bowl - a luxurious swimming pool to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home.

Currently, the construction of swimming pools is becoming increasingly affordable and is in high demand. A swimming pool has become a mandatory part of a high quality hotel service, but now, it is no longer exclusive only to hotel owners. Private property owners should definitely think about acquiring their own artificial pond. Swimming is great fun, helps to burn excess calories and to maintain a healthy body. 

The benefits of having your own pool do not only include fun and health. A private swimming pool is a sign of respectability, wealth, and prestige.

But in order for the pool to bring you joy instead of giving you a headache, it must be correctly constructed and properly equipped.  

A pool is not simply a hole filled with a large amount of water, but a complex engineered system, which encompasses continuous step by step filtering processes, water disinfection and temperature control.  

Only experienced professionals will build and equip you with an outstanding, problem-free pool.  

OSTBAU will build a custom swimming pool suitable to your needs and wishes. Our team of skilled professionals will undertake a project of any complexity and in the shortest amount of time possible.